Was born in Kluang, Johor and travelling is my passion. Entering the 4-series and never been out of the country, I was determined to leave my house and explore the foreign world. Having taken the first step by booking tickets to Manchester, UK and went on a Europe trip for a month, alone, I found myself becoming more eager to discover other countries and started to ensure that I conquer one new country each year, God willing. I’m a freelance web designer, a photography enthusiast and a nature lover. Every post here is made to share and to engrave the memories, so let’s benefit from the good and leave the bad aside, shall we?


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Best Experiances

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina
Trip Balkan Winter 🇧🇦 Melancong di negara² yang
Read more.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Trip Balkan Winter 🇭🇷 “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Itu
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Kotor, Montenegro
Trip Balkan Winter 🇲🇪 Kotor, permata Balkan. Negara ke
Read more.
Tirana, Albania
Trip Balkan Winter 🇦🇱 Piramid Tirana (Albanian: Piramida) adalah
Read more.
Athens, Greece
Trip Balkan Winter 🇬🇷 Athens (bahasa Yunani: Αθήνα, Athína) ialah ibu kota serta
Read more.
Brunei is a Peaceful & Quiet Country
Brunei Darusalam Sesungguhnya ini la travel solo saya
Read more.
Tips & Budget Brunei
Brunei dengan gaya kesederhanaan yang tersendiri Alhamdulillah solo
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Koh Lipe ‘Maldives Of Thailand’
Langkawi -> Koh Lipe Bismillahirahmanirahim Ramai kata Koh
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Tips & Budget Langkawi Koh Lipe
Lokasi percutian : Koh Lipe Thailand & Langkawi
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I Spent 48 Hours In Singapore
Saya orang Johor, Orang Johor boleh dapat cabel
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Sky Mirror in Mystery Island


Berdapur kita di – Melaka


KRABIcation & KRABIlicious – Thailand

WHY ATHENS? – Old World


RUBIAH ISLAND – Snorkeling

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